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Calendar & Team Calendar

Smart iOS and Android App at your finger tips.

Make and receive calls directly through the Kaptiva Mobile App. 

Increased efficiency and response time
Schedule call reminders
Call tracking and agent reporting
Access to your business 24/7 on the Go!
Push notifications and onscreen alerts
Make, receive and track calls and text messages
Push notifications & onscreen alerts
Add notes and tags for each lead
Access all necessary lead details
Track lead sources and marketing

Always stay connected with Alerts and Push Notifications

Get notified when a new lead or a client wants to interact with you. Stay on top of the activities in your pipeline. You always notified when someone requests information about your business or when you receive a referral.

Kaptiva Pro is the world's most powerful real estate engine powering the next generation of real estate professionals everywhere.

Kaptiva Pro


Send links and picture messages
Missed call text back
2-way texting within the app

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Kaptiva Pro software

The Most Powerful Real Estate Engine

Kaptiva Pro is designed to aggregate all your inbound leads and conversations into one seamless platform. There's no need for multiple logins to several different platforms (saving you time and money). Kaptiva Pro is the most powerful engine you will ever use to drive your real estate business.

A cloud-based platform (plus a mobile app) built to help you take control of your real estate business. From communicating with new leads (E-mails, SMS, DMs, Messenger & GMB), booking appointments, nurturing past clients and cold leads, getting more satisfied client reviews to managing your calendar; the Kaptiva Pro software is what you have been looking for.

Get Started Today

Get Started Today

Kaptiva Pro

Convert More Real Estate Leads into Sales and Grow Your Business

Two-way conversation with clients & leads. SMS, DMs, Messenger & Emails

You have the ability to communicate directly within the app with your most important clients and all your leads. All your conversations are streamlined into one location for efficiency and ease of tracking. You can even manage your Google reviews from the app.  
SMS & Email Templates

Powerful Software with Amazing Features:

Automatic lead follow up
Phone numbers & Dialer for all users
Batch emails & drip nurture campaigns
2-way texting
Streamlined CRM
Team Leaderboard
Personalized Onboarding
Priority Support
Mobile App
Call Tracking & Reporting
Email Marketing & Newsletter
GoogleMyBusiness Messaging
Facebook Messenger Integration
Missed Call Text Back 
Web Chat
Reputation Management

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Promotion & Ads Campaigns

"Our firm recently switched from Kunversion to Kaptiva. The website and the app are EXTREMELY user friendly. We have enjoyed the switch because Kaptiva not only offers an easy process for lead management, but we also have gotten rid of our Mailchimp subscription, because there is a place for all of our contacts, and you can create and send emails easily from Kaptiva Pro."

Justin Harris Hall

Real Estate Agent

"Extremely user friendly"

At Kaptiva Pro, We Believe in Saving You TIME and MONEY

The average real estate professional utilizes up to 9 different tech tools and softwares to run their business. This becomes very inefficient; and more importantly, quite expensive. With Kaptiva Pro, you can cancel all your other subscriptions to use Kaptiva Pro's all-in-one platform solution.

Manage Your Business From Anywhere!

Streamlined Your Pipeline with Kaptiva Pro's CRM

Long gone are the days of notebooks and Excel files as a way for you to manage your leads. Today's realtors are all about the cloud-based solutions; giving them access to their data anywhere and at anytime. With Kaptiva Pro's customer relationship manager software, you can easily nurture those relationships and turn them into closed deals.

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Kaptiva for TEAMS

Manage your entire team from one shared platform. From Brokers, Agents, Lenders, Vendors, Admins, Assistants, ISAs, to Tech support; you can onboard every member of your team. Learn more about Kaptiva for TEAMS.
You can communicate directly with your leads and clients via the mobile app. You also have the option to hear a whisper message on how to address a new lead incoming call. Round robin and live transfer features are all part of the package. 

The #1 Real Estate Mobile App